"Mortals,,, I see you managed to stumble upon my blog.. It's been a long time since I managed to work some shadow magic, but I won't hesitate banishing you to the Shadow Realm. You can say I'm more mature not than before."
Your Heart's Psycho

*sigh* Marik doesn’t want to come back (>_>)

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I’m sorry I haven’t been on for so long. It’s been hectic here and this second semester is really hard…I just came to tell everyone who recently followed me, thank you. And to tell anyone out there wondering where I am that I’m still alive … practically still alive since today was one of these hard days of rallies and clashes and the fact that I had a dream where me and my car were ran over by a huge truck and I woke up soaked in my sweat and frantically panting….

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Shadow Game



The darkness narrowed his eyes “You still have your darker half within you? Why didn’t you banish him to the shadow realm or something” He sighed and shook his head wondering how that hikari is living with the other half…As he always thought that they can’t live with each other just like his own other half couldn’t stand him and banished him away

"If I knew how I would have done it already. The hatred that I feel - I will not let go of it, even if it means the other thing has to stay. Without anger, the desire for revenge, for justice, what would drive me?"

We can work together. Help me. Help me out so that he never banishes me to this place. Help me so that I never have to be left alone and forgotten.

I refuse to let you out. I refuse to let my legacy be of the man who let his dark side take over and thus condemning the world to eternal darkness.

Marik knew Mariku would screw up. His other self couldn’t keep up the nice act. This other yami may be trapped in the Shadow Realm, but his was trapped in a body he had no control over. In a way, his dark had far less freedom than this one had.

You’re insane. 

"You know that’s very disturbing" The darkness within the shadow realm said with a frown as he keeps hearing both voices